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A Redhouse House Removals Pty Ltd is a family business that has been buying, selling and relocating houses for over 20 years. Where did we get our name from? “A Redhouse” stands for Arthur Redhouse, and of course, house removals is what we do!

Are you a discerning  buyer looking for an affordable and unique alternative to buying a new home? House relocation could be the answer to your dreams!

If you’ve already found a house, we can relocate it to your site using our specialised equipment and skills. Alternatively, you can purchase a house directly from us and have it relocated to your property.

Our experienced team, led by Arthur Redhouse,  will assist you in all aspects of buying, selling or moving a relocatable house:

  • All our work is fully insured and guaranteed
  • All engineering certification and approvals can be arranged for you
  • All work is performed by house relocation specialists

No matter what requirement you might have; whether buying, selling or relocating your house, we take the time to understand your needs and to listen to your concerns.

Our quality customer service along with experienced workmanship, keeps us ahead in a competitive market.

We listen to you!

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