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House Inspections

I like my privacy, do you?

So do our vendors and their tenants – this is why we don’t give out the addresses of our removal homes online or by phone. House inspections are by appointment only.

“But I just want to drive past and have a look, make sure it’s suitable for me”…. hmmmm, you and the 25 other people that are interested in the house. Can you see where this could be scary for the resident? Different cars and people just stopping on the road to have a look, maybe walk around the yard – “it can’t hurt can it?”- Yes it can. We like to be as considerate as possible to our vendors and residents, some of them are giving up the house they have lovingly renovated, or they have lived there most of their lives. This process can be very difficult for them emotionally and we all need to respect them and their privacy.

So you can see we aren’t being difficult when we ask you twenty questions to start with – a removal house inspection is different to a Real Estate inspection, we are trying to work out whether this house is right for you so that we don’t waste your time or the Residents. In the case of a Real Estate sale, the vendor is keen to move on and have elected to sell their property, in the case of a House Removal sale, sometimes it is a forced move – the developers have bought out the street and they are the only ones left, or they might be moving into a retirement home from the home they raised their family in.

All we ask is that you are considerate of the resident, please don’t do 20 “drive pasts”, or sit and watch the house, or even walk through and say how hideous the colour is, (yes this has happened!) We like to make the process as painless as possible for all involved


One thought on “House Inspections

  • **Lois Stratford
    on January 11, 2018

    I have asked before..Interested in Numdah property..
    Need to see through it tho..
    As you don’t give out addresses (understandably) ..I want to arrange inspection please.
    Thank You
    Lois Stratford.

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