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Can I keep it?

House for removal
Posted by Deb on November 16, 2017
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Yep, that’s what my husband hears when I find another Queenslander..

Can I keep it? No Deb, he says patiently… we have a house. I knowwwwww, but I want this one!!

Yes, I can say we have this conversation a few times a year – which is pretty fortunate for him because I look at a LOT of houses every year. Just a few times a year I find ‘THE ONE’, I can see it as our ‘forever home’, (or at least the next one) and while I sit and daydream about what I could do to the house and how it would look after a makeover I sigh and get back to work.  So here I am again, in love with another Queenslander… and while the phrase “so much potential” makes me cringe, this one WILL be amazing when it finds someone to adopt it. (pretty fitting since this is National Adoption Awareness week)

What makes it so special you ask? You know, the usual stuff – French doors onto wide verandahs, high ceilings (3.2m), Fretwork over the doors, wide champhor boards, beautiful hoop pine floors, Claw foot bath….  but that’s not all. This one is largely ‘untouched’ – which for the age of the house is pretty rare! At the moment is it two flats but even by dividing the building in two, they haven’t compromised what makes a great Queenslander. Size.

The other thing I love about Queenslanders (apart from we are from Queensland) 🙂 is that you are only limited by your imagination, e.g. – at the moment 508 Lutwyche has the verandahs closed in – this is great for a large family but if you are at the same stage as me, with kids moving out (someday soon) I can think of nothing better than sipping a quiet drink on the verandah in the afternoon, or having friends over to BBQ on the deck.

Let’s face it, Australians love the outdoors – why not live in a beautiful Queenslander that has perfect harmony between the inside and outside.

So before I get carried away here is the before photo….

Gabled Queenslander

508 Lutwyche

and what can it look like????

What 508 Lutwyche could be!

Yes, I know 508 Lutwyche doesn’t have a bay window, but people, use your imagination!!! Three sides of verandahs – taking in the view from every angle, does it get any better than that?

This photo is also a perfect example of doubling your floor space under roof just by taking it highset (heaps cheaper to do at the time of removal than later when you’ve run out of space)

So, while adopting a Queenslander isn’t for everyone, I can’t think of anything better than putting your heart and soul into making this beautiful Queenslander into your home.

Want more information about 508 Lutwyche? click here..


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