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Chopping up a house!

Posted by admin on August 12, 2015
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When we are quoting to move your house, we are also picturing what it is going to be like when it is finished. Yes, sometimes we are more expensive than other house movers but have you asked yourself why?

We believe it is because we put in extra time in preparing your house to move. Little things at the preparation stage can make all the difference in your end product. For example, when we are separating VJ walls there is usually a horizontal cross beam that supports them half way up the wall. Instead of just cutting directly through this, we cut it at a mitre angle so that when we put it back together the join isn’t ugly.

Another thing we do differently to some house movers is in preparation of the floor. We don’t like to cut directly through a room, to minimize the impact to the house we remove the skirting boards (numbering each one so we can put it back in the same place) and cut along the wall – we still have to cut across the doorway but when we rejoin the timber you will only see a fine line. The photo is of two different floors, the first one is in a house removal job we took over for another company, the second is a standard Redhouse House Removal cut. I know which one I’d prefer to look at on a daily basis.

House removal

examples of how the floor should and shouldn’t look after rejoining

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