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Granny Flat or Second Dwelling – Rules and Regulations

Posted by Deb on October 19, 2015

So what exactly are the rules and regulations for Granny Flats these days? I have to tell you, it still varies from Council to Council. Recently the Logan City Council changed the guidelines for second dwellings and the results have been outstanding for the local area. You are now able to add a second dwelling, not just for family, but to rent out – great for the economy with both income for the property owner and income for builders as this trend takes off.

In modern society we are trending back to the extended family unit. By definition the extended family model is a family that extends beyond the nuclear family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives, who all live nearby or in one household. The reasons for extended family units vary but can include the following:

  • Economic reasons – spreading living expenses over more working adults, reducing the need for outsourced child care, or to bring in an income stream from external tenant with minimal work required.
  • Cultural reasons – Increased sharing of cultural and cross-generational family values
  • Health reasons – bringing family together to share the workload of looking after the unwell members of the family.

What ever the reasons for adding an auxiliary building at your place, the rules and regulations are relaxing with many local Councils. Contact your local council for more information, I have included some links to information sheets from Logan City Council and Gold Coast City Council below:

Logan City Council

Gold Coast City Council

(interesting story re: Granny flat fees in Gold Coast City Council)

Redlands City Council

2 thoughts on “Granny Flat or Second Dwelling – Rules and Regulations

  • on June 12, 2017


    I would like to talk to someone regarding my particular circumstances and the legalities/requirements pertaining to a secondary dwelling on my property.
    Please may I have a contact number and if possible the contact name of a person with whom I might chat.

    Kind regards,
    Mike Glenister

    • on February 8, 2018

      Arthur Redhouse 0412 697720

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