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Holidays and moving houses to NSW

Posted by admin on October 13, 2010
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Moving houses from one place to another is a job that requires military style precision, especially when we go across the border into NSW. Not only do we have to get permission and permits from the Qld Police, Main Roads, Optus, Qld Rail etc, we have to co-ordinate these permits with the NSW authorities.  (and that is just the paperwork side)

Some regulations in NSW can really affect how we move your house. We are not permitted to move any house section within School Holidays, especially around Christmas. This means that from one day before till one day after the School Holidays your house is not going into NSW. This is a RTA requirement and you can see the sense of it – all the Christmas traffic does not want to be held up with a house on a truck!

NSW also is a little tougher on the width of our loads. Any house section can only be up to 5.5 metres wide – not one centimetre over. This can sometimes mean we have to cut the house in a different way to get the load moving. This is no problem at all for our skilled staff – the way they cut a house is truly art! All the cuts are made down a wall under the skirting so that when the skirting is put back on, you can’t see the cut. They also separate the VJ walls rather than cut them so this gives the best result with minimum evidence of a move.

On a plus side, NSW have a system called Comply and Develop – check with your local council – if you are stumping to under 1.4 m and are in a good fire category you may get away with not having to do a Development Approval. (always check with your council!)

So when you are looking for a house to move to your block in NSW just remember the school holidays – we are legally not allowed to move your house within that time, no matter how you try to bribe us!!! (chocolate for me, Merlot for Arthur) Good luck!

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  • admin
    on April 16, 2013

    Comply and Develop rules have changed! Always check with your council prior to submitting applications!!!

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