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Information Sheets – because you can never have too much information..

Posted by Deb on March 1, 2018
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So you don’t want to scroll through 8 years of my ‘ramblings’, oops I mean, blog?

You just want the information and I bet it’s a Sunday night,

and if you are like me you just want the facts NOW!

Ok, just for you.. here are the Information Sheets that we would be emailing out to you..

Purchase Check Listv5 – the steps you will take once you have decided on a house for your block

Quick Glance Flowchart – colour coded so you can see who does what when..

Owner Builder Permits Fact Sheet – Owner builder information if you live in Queensland

NSW Owner Builder Fact Sheet – Owner builder information if you live in NSW

Lowset VS Highset – a few facts about the Highset/Lowset debate

Cut and Fill VS Natural Slope – a few facts about cutting your block for the house pad, and maybe saving you some money on the way.

These are the latest versions of the forms that we have, the ones produced by Redhouse staff are current to today’s date, the ones produced by other parties we don’t guarantee. 🙂

Please still take the time to email us.. we love to hear from you! Some of the first things we are going to ask you are:

  • Do you have your land yet?
  • What style of house are you looking for?
  • What is your budget?

So now that you are armed with the facts, have a think about what exactly you are looking for and flick us an email at


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