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International Association of Structural Movers!

Posted by admin on April 16, 2013
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What a mouthful! Yes, we are members of the International Association of Structural Movers and what an amazing group of people they are!

I had the pleasure to drop into the 2013 Annual Conference while I was on holidays in America a few weeks ago. The welcome we received was unparalleled. My mission was to go and see how the Americans do it and I could not believe the difference in processes and equipment. Hopefully soon we will be purchasing some of the equipment I saw while over there. What really stood out though was the enthusiasm these people have for moving, they eat, sleep and breathe it. I was really blown away when I met some of the people that have featured on Monster Moves too! We had a presentation from Jason DeVooght from Kaukanwa WI about the process he used to move a 108 feet tall Zimmerman Corn Dryer – some amazing pictures and I was impressed with the professionalism his company showed.

I also loved the reaction when I was in the sessions and my husband was not, I heard a lot of feedback about the Aussie fellow that didn’t show up for much and I had to chuckle when they were corrected to the fact ‘she is the house mover not him’, most were taken back by that but I did reassure them that I didn’t actually work on the tools with the crew, I am in the planning/purchasing and paperwork side.  I like to think we made them expand their thinking regarding women in the workplace.

I enjoyed speaking to the Canadians and Americans about how they move structures on concrete foundations, it would be awesome to host some of them ‘down under’ to show they how we relocate houses. I felt that my time at the conference was well spent, I learned a lot and made some great contacts for the future! I love my job!!!!

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  • on May 14, 2013

    Just got the latest edition of the IASM Structural Mover! I’m in it! Woo! Go Redhouse team!

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