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Is colour getting in the way?

Posted by Deb on November 23, 2015
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I recently did a poll on our Facebook page in regard to two Queenslander houses we had listed for removal – both similar styles (mirror reversed)  One was painted nicely in modern colours, the other was painted in the days that a white house was fresh and trendy. Throw in some coloured windows (70’s orange) to the front and now it is starting to look pretty tired.

All in all, both houses need the same work – new roof, new kitchen/bathroom;  most of the responses I got were that the colour on the newly painted one was inviting while the other one screamed that it needed work. So I thought I would take the colour out of the photo and see what happens next. When you aren’t focusing on the orange windows clashing with the red roof, it really is a lovely removal house. Stripping back the colour opens your mind to the possibilities.  Technology being what it is, I’m sure there is an app that can change the colour for you – from my own experience, picking the colour takes longer than painting the house. 🙂


Primrose in colour

Removal House (34) reworked

Primrose stripped bare

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