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From Junk to Shabby Chic in FIVE easy steps

Posted by Isabeau on June 28, 2016
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While out digging for treasure in the local junk yard, I came across a great little table and chair set. Of course, I instantly fell in love and had big plans to transform it using a floral theme that I have seen used online recently. Shabby Chic is used widely in renovated Queenslanders.

If you ask me for advice in life, I will always say you need to research before you begin.

How? …


Careful though, you can find yourself looking up from your phone, wondering when everyone went to bed.

What you will need:

*Sand paper
*Scrapbooking paper
*PVA glue
*a small paint brush
*and some water

Step 1: Sand back the existing paint to a smooth surface and give it a clean to get any dust off (this also helps the glue to stick)

Step 2: Organise the paper into the colour/texture themes.

Step 3: Mix up PVA glue and water and apply to the first part of timber using a small brush to get into all the nooks and crannies.

  • Try doing only one section at a time as the glue dries quickly.

Step 4: Place paper onto the wet glue and paint more glue onto the top of the paper to saturate (this seals it and gives it a glossy look)

Step 5: Alternate the papers to get the desired effect. After all the papers are stuck down where you want them add another layer of glue over the top to make sure every part is sealed and glossy.  Set aside to dry completely.


  • Mod Podge is the same as PVA watered down, just a whole lot more expensive.
  • If you want to smooth the top over before the glue sets, put some wax baking paper over the top and smooth over with a sponge until all air bubbles are out.

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