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Just “playing around” with a toy box

Posted by Isabeau on July 19, 2016
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Just “playing around” with a toy box.


Two of the easiest steps to refurbish an old toy box or glory box to a shabby chic look.

You will need:

  • Fabric to cover the top. I used a metre piece and cut it to size (varies on the box size)
  • Fabric tacks (I have used white so it blends in with the fabric)
  • Paint in the colour you desire- I chose pink for my daughter
  • Paint brush or small roller (roller leaves less streaks)
  • If your box does not already have the padding on top you will need to get some foam to put under the fabric.
  • You may need sandpaper to sand back depending on the style.


Step 1: If you need to sand back then please do so before painting, paint the area with the roller/brush in desired colour.

*I have left the outside panels the original colour to give it a shabby chic affect.*

Step 2: Once paint has dried you can start covering the top of your box. Place the fabric over the stuffing, holding it tight with the edges tucked in for a neat finish. Hammer the tacks in to hold the fabric in place and continue right around until all fabric is tacked in.


You will now have an amazing new piece to add to your home and gives additional seating if the lid is strong enough.

Note: If you would like to add a shabby chic affect, get some sand paper and rub down parts of the paint slightly to give it a worn affect. This affect goes great in a Queenslander as it adds to the overall appeal of the “worn look”.


This refurbished toy box/glory box is one of the easiest projects and can be used to do the same affect on chairs, stools, tables.. the list is endless! For the chairs you may look at doing different colours so they give your Queenslander a “pop” of colour giving it a wow factor. I used the pink for my daughter as she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up (don’t all little girls at that age) We are happy to help with colours or fabric choices if you can’t decide and need a second opinion. Now you are ready to hide the toys or store the blankets away.

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