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My Holiday Project…

Posted by admin on January 7, 2014
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The building industry typically closes for the Christmas period and House moving is no different. With restrictions of wide load movements within Queensland and New South Wales during the school holidays, and the fact that most of our suppliers also close for 2 – 3 weeks, we have a break too… of course, if you are anything like me – you never really get a ‘holiday’ if you stay at home.

I have always been passionate about Queenslanders and the concept of moving a house and making it your own. Unfortunately for me, when I was ready to build a house 12 years ago, I didn’t work for Arthur and the local Council required a massive bond that I just didn’t have – so I had to settle for a Queenslander replica. It isn’t quite the same, I am always looking at things that would have been better in an original Queenslander (ceiling height being the main one!). Anyway, after 12 years and three growing kids we had decided Christmas was the time to do a bathroom reno…. teenagers seem to require more space, especially girls with the hair straightener, the hair curler, the curling iron, the hair dryer and the old fashioned rollers…. seriously! make up your mind!

Anyone who reads my blog will know of my recent obsession with Pressed Tin Panels – so when my bathroom just needed that little bit ‘extra’ I turned to the unreal team at Pressed Tin Panels to help me out. Of course, when it came time to pick the colour of the powdercoating I hit the wall (lol!) Mardi at Pressed Tin Panels, helped me pick a colour (because I wanted it NOW! and didn’t want to wait for it to be specially powdercoated.) so when it had to be between Bright white and Shoji White I decided on White Satin with a bit of guidance/assurance from Mardi.  Of course, when you order things the week before Christmas the freight system in Australia is in overload anyway, but when my panels went missing for a few days in transit, I nearly had a heart attack! One call to the team at Pressed Tin Panels assured me that they were insured so I breathed a sigh of relief! Anyway, they turned up (only 3 days after expected) and I wanted to start the reno straight away… to be finished before Christmas of course! Here are some of my photos along the way.. I still have to paint the ceiling to get rid of the candle soot.. just not this week!

The panels were easy to install, we used liquid nails and some small brad nails to keep in position, and it was almost like tiling in a huge scale. I did panic when we had to cut one but they had included a cut off wheel and instructions in the box so it turned out to be easy.

I am extremely happy with the result and find myself walking into the room just to look at the wall (a bit like the colourbond add on TV!) And of course, my youngest, Sean (14) decided it was more fun to pose with the box than anything else.


Sean recycling the box

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