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How far do we take our Queenslander removal homes?

Posted by Deb on July 12, 2016

Short answer– as far as you will pay us to go!

Long answer – the area from Coffs Harbour (NSW) to Bundaberg (Qld) and west to Roma is within the zone we believe is cost effective to take a removal house. We also cover Tenterfield (NSW) and Moree (NSW) area (although the crew say ‘not in Winter!’)

We believe outside these areas, it becomes too costly and negates the savings of doing a removal home. Our list prices include travel up to 100km – it costs us the same to move a house 50 metres down the road to 100km, primarily because we have to hire the escorts (police and pilots) for a minimum time bracket. Outside that 100km, we charge a ‘per Kilometre’ rate (and this is determined by the amount of pieces your house is cut into-the standard charge for a 2 piece shift after 100km is $55 per km) This can sometimes fluctuate with the location also, if fuel is double the price, we have to cover the additional costs. We are more than happy to give you the latest price per km by request.

Why is there a NSW loading? Simply because the road authorities regulations between the two states differ (as a general rule, in NSW we can move 5.5 – 6.0m wide whereas in Qld we can move 9.0 – 10m wide) these differing regulations are the reason we have to cut our removal houses into smaller sections when traveling to NSW.

What do you do if you are outside our catchment area? Please don’t hesitate to still contact us, we are happy to give you an estimation of the costs involved to your area but if you are in greater Sydney area we suggest you do a Yellow Pages online search with the key words of House Removalist in your area. (there is still a lot of companies that haven’t found the internet!)

4 thoughts on “How far do we take our Queenslander removal homes?

  • Jeffrey Rankin
    on September 5, 2016

    Price to Casino NSW 2470

    • on December 1, 2016

      It will depend on the style of the house, purely because of the different width restrictions between Qld and NSW. As a rule, for a 2 piece shift, it would add a further $5000 to the list price (this is if the house doesn’t have to be cut further)

  • Sue Blake
    on October 14, 2017

    Could you give an idea how much to transport a house from your depot to Seaham, NSW – we are 10 Kim’s in from Raymond Terrace on main road to Dungog – rural acreage – thanks Sue

    • on January 11, 2018

      It would depend on the house, you could add a further $50-60000 to the list price.

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