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Move Your Current House

You’ve bought a fabulous block of land but really don’t want to go through the nightmare of building a new home. Besides you love your home and there’s nothing structurally wrong with it, it’s perfect!

Can we move it?

First, we’ll have to assess whether it’s suitable for removal and if your new site is accessible. If the house is on stumps then in most cases it will be a perfect candidate to move with you.

Why Take Your House with you?

This house has been your home, you have put your own style and touch to it and all that hard work, why leave it behind?

Developing your land or selling your land to a developer – quite often all structures will have to be demolished to make way for the vision. In most cases developers will give you the same money and sometimes more for a vacant site.  You can put a clause in your contract with the developer that you may remove the house within a certain time frame. [Be specific about what is, and isn’t included. (site cleans etc)]


Taking your house with you gives you many advantages:

• You have reduced your mortgage or building costs to your new site.
• You have done the hard work or know what has been done and how.
• You now have a sound investment property.
• Better the devil you know – structurally speaking of course!

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From our Clients

I dealt with the Redhouse Team during a three month period from May to August 2015, during which time I found them to be ethical, efficient and effective.
After they entered into a commitment to purchase and relocate the house everything flowed smoothly to plan. I will be delighted to both refer them to anyone and use them again next time.
John Kerruish - K Properties, Alderley
I could not recommend Redhouse house removals highly enough! Arthur and Deb were honest, helpful and knowledgeable in the extreme, making the whole process extremely easy. Working with them both was a pleasure and I would not hesitate to repeat the process with them again... a fun journey with Redhouse... all round professionals and genuinely nice people.
Natalie Holt, Northern NSW