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Another stunning before and after…

Jun 19, 2018
St Catherine before and after… I always love looking at before and after photos, especially when they’ve transformed ...
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House Inspections

Sep 12, 2016
I like my privacy, do you? So do our vendors and their tenants – this is why we ...
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Free House for Removal

May 05, 2016
FREE HOUSE? yes there are heaps of them out there! But, does a FREE house = a good ...
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Chopping up a house!

Aug 12, 2015
When we are quoting to move your house, we are also picturing what it is going to be ...
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Tic Toc.. Tic Toc.. what is a realistic time...

Oct 08, 2014
In 2001 my husband and I built a house – it is a Queenslander replica (that’s another story) ...
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Too much information?

Feb 18, 2014
Exactly how much information is too much? I have recently been criticized for offering ‘too much’ information about ...
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Reference Books available!

Jun 14, 2013
I recently discovered the existence of these amazing books written by Ian Evans, an  expert on early Australian ...
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Moving house – the whole house!

Jun 07, 2013
A few years ago when I started working here, I was unsure what exactly the crew did, I ...
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Before and After – the recycling of a ...

Jun 06, 2013
I sometimes have a brain freeze – especially when it comes to design, other times, the ideas just ...
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Want to get rid of a Queenslander?

May 14, 2013
I am constantly amazed by the amount of developments happening in Brisbane. So many Queenslander style homes torn ...
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Not just moving but stumping also!

Feb 28, 2012
One of the many great things about this company is that all the staff are employed, not contractors. ...
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Rain, Rain!!

Oct 13, 2010
Rain and moving houses just don’t go together.. the last 4 weeks of on and off rain has ...
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Trade in Old for New or New for Old

Mar 31, 2010
Most people upon hearing the term “Trade In” would associate that with trading in an old car for ...
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