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How far do we take our Queenslander removal ...

Jul 12, 2016
Short answer– as far as you will pay us to go! Long answer – the area from Coffs ...
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Removal house on Stumps

Apr 19, 2016
There is one thing that all removal houses have across the board – stumps! (I can’t recall how ...
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Renovated Queenslander

Apr 07, 2016
We are quite picky when it comes to buying the houses we list.  We get offered so many ...
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Is colour getting in the way?

Nov 23, 2015
I recently did a poll on our Facebook page in regard to two Queenslander houses we had listed ...
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Exactly what is included in the Removal Hous...

May 06, 2015
If you are looking at a house in our holding yard, what you see is what you will ...
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Changes are coming!

Feb 17, 2015
There are some changes in the wind…. unfortunately due to increasing costs, from the 18th Feb 2015 rather ...
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Security in your Queenslander

Feb 03, 2015
How secure is any house? The insurance companies say the minimum requirement is locks on the windows and ...
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Appointments please!!

Feb 06, 2014
EECH! I just had a phone call from a person sitting in our holding yard at Logan Village… ...
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Want to get rid of a Queenslander?

May 14, 2013
I am constantly amazed by the amount of developments happening in Brisbane. So many Queenslander style homes torn ...
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Just what is included in our prices?

Sep 06, 2011
Great question! and one that we get all the time! Yes our listed removal house prices include delivery ...
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Stratton.. the saga continues

Dec 09, 2010
I can’t believe this gem it still for sale!! Of all the houses that I look at, when ...
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