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The transformation of Angliss has begun

Posted by Deb on September 21, 2015
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Normally we like to move houses directly from the original site to the new site; in some instances though, this is just not possible or practical. One house that was moved to our holding yard a few years ago is sadly still sitting there – the then owners were unable to proceed with the development due to personal reasons and have since handed the house over to us.

Angliss is a 2 bedroom left hand Gabled Queenslander with heaps of lovely features – unfortunately someone, at some stage, has added their own ‘flare’ to the house by adding some modern doors and lowering the roof in the kitchen (WHY???) and lined the kitchen and front verandah with asbestos sheeting. This seemed to be a common idea in the mid 50’s early 60’s but when we look back now we shudder at the thought.

Anyway, back to Angliss, we have now started the transformation of this lovely old girl and we’ve had the asbestos removed from the house – guess what? you got it! Pressed Tin Panels under the asbestos! By removing the sheeting we have also added about a 600mm to the ceiling height in the kitchen. You just never know what is lurking behind things!


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