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Posted by admin on April 16, 2013
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I am so over this rainy weather! It makes moving houses so much harder! Our poor crew have been trying to finish a removal house now for 5 weeks (normally a 2 week job!) The lovely Queenslander just needs a few days of sunny weather to be finished – We are praying for winter to roll in now as we usually get dryer weather in the cold months.

Why does it take longer? We can’t put men on the roof in wet weather, it is just too dangerous – also, imagine how heavy a house is on a truck?! As soon as the house is loaded, all the weight is over the wheels of the trailer and if the ground is soggy we just sink. A few years ago we purchased some bog mats (large rubber mats to distribute the trucks weight) and these work well if the ground is slightly damp. Unfortunately with the amount of rain we have had in this area the underneath soil is saturated, even if the top is dry, as soon as we break the crust down we go! That is why we always have a clause in our contract regarding inclement weather… we just have no control over it!

Winter is nearly here, bring on the DRY!!!!

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